My name is Jake ROSS Evans.


I am the owner of Go Be Rich.

Yes, even though I post and engage in any interaction with the personal finance community under the name of Ross, my name is Jake. I do this because in the past I've had other blogs and used my first name, and I didn't want to create any confusion… plus I've always liked Ross better.



Let's Be Honest

 I want to make money. I want to make money off of this blog specifically. I'm not taking the route that all those other personal finance blogs out there do and say that I'm doing this out of the goodness of my heart, or that it's first and foremost for some high-minded ideal. I want some cash.


Now, that being said, I do receive GREAT ENJOYMENT out of helping people with their financial situations. I love talking to someone who just doesn't see how they could possibly get ahead. Then I build them a budget. Then I point out where they can save money. Then they actually start following my advice, and suddenly, they can see a small pinprick of light at the end of the tunnel starting to form. That pinprick is just the beginning.


This is an incredibly rewarding feeling, as money problems can be one of the most absolute frustrating and depressing issues one can have in life (I know there's worse things in life, and that money isn't everything, but ya gotta admit, it's pretty stressful when you can't pay those bills).


We only get to go around once… why not get your financial house in order, in order to have the money to do the things you want, and escape the slavery of being financially dependent?


Why work for someone else all your life and be at their whim when you could instead take the steps to escape the rat race and spend YOUR time doing what YOU want?


This is my philosophy anyway… and considering this is my blog, you'll find things here related to that philosophy.


So if any of this sounds enticing or exciting to you in any way, then stick around.


About me


I'm currently an IT guy in the military. I like videogames, watching sci-fi movies, running, lifting weights, and reading anything and everything. I'm a self-stylized nerd. I'm 24. In fact I just turned 24 on April 21st. I know I'm young (which makes having my own personal finance blog all the more impressive), and honestly, I don't have a ton of the real-world experience that most or you out there have. I've never owned a home, I've never bought stocks… heck, I've never even contributed to a retirement account. What I do have going for me however is passion. The passion to one day live my life the way I want to live it, to rise above the 99.9% of people who simply live life the way they're told to… the way they're "supposed" to, and do what's expected of them.

 Like I said earlier, we only get to go around once… do you want your story to be that of the typical 99.9%, or would you rather live the life that 0.01% of people get to live?

 What do you want to see when you  look back at your life from your deathbed?

 It's up to you.


Come with me

Go Be Rich serves many purposes. To entertain, to educate and help people, to inspire and motivate. And, yes, to make me money. Also, as you can see by now, I have several other interests that intertwine with my financial interests. As such, you'll see posts about other topics here at Go Be Rich as well, but each of those topics I feel has something to do with escaping normality and living the life that only the select few get to (some topics more than others, I'll give you that). But it's my blog, I'm not apologizing.

Some of the series I currently have going right now include the 52-Week Prosperity Plan, the Founding Principles series, the Budgeting series, and the Stupid-Crazy Amount of Money (SCAM) Series. You can also see my exact budget, detailing every penny I spend, how much all of my bills are, and what my future financial plans are by checking out My Financial Situation. I'm putting my money where my mouth is.

Many more series to come.

I invite you to come along with me, as I chronicle my journey from one of the 99.9% to one of the 0.01%. I also invite you to participate along the way, by commenting on posts, dropping me E-mails, or any other way you can think of. I'd even be thrilled if you contacted me just to tell me how absolutely wrong I am about something.


Business stuff


Guest Posts: Yes, I accept guest posts, and even encourage them. Just Contact Me with an idea for a post and some samples of your writing, and we'll iron out the details.

Disclaimer: Like I said, I'm a 24-year old IT guy who doesn't even own a house… of course you shouldn't take my advice about what to do with your life savings! Maybe when I hire other writers who are actually certified to give advice, you could do what they say, but until then this blog and the information found within is for entertainment purposes only. No responsibility is taken by Go Be Rich in the event that you go broke from advice or information found here (or anything negative happens in your financial or personal life for that matter). Of course I will take credit for positive outcomes…


Advertising/Collaborations: I'm open to any ideas or suggestions for things that would be mutually beneficial for both you and I. If you're an advertiser, the owner of another blog or website, or simply a reader or random dude off the street, Contact Me and we'll figure something out.


Anyway, I think that's about it. I do want to say that I appreciate each and every one of the readers here and those that participate and interact to make Go Be Rich what it is today. Truly it wouldn't be possible without all of you (okay, I know I sounded like those other blogs, but this really is true).