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Spend or Save: Learning How To Spend Money

For the past two years, my husband and I have survived on a threadbare budget. We’ve said no to dinners out, to new clothes, to unnecessary trips across town. Whenever faced with the decision to spend or save, we always opted to put money away for a rainy day – we were convinced a deluge… Continue Reading

Planning Our Next Summer Vacation

Mr. BFS and I usually take about a week off in the summer to travel.  Usually, it’s either to take a cruise or to fly to Las Vegas.  This summer, we may have to get creative since I am spending $1500 to go to London to visit my uncle in mid-summer too. Vacation Options 5… Continue Reading

3 Simple Financial Concepts People Just Don’t Get

Personal finance isn’t really all that complicated.  If you want to stay in control of your finances and not let your money get the better of you, there are only a few basic concepts that you need to understand. Unfortunately many of these lessons are never taught in school so some people just never have… Continue Reading

Your Grocery Budget: Deals vs. Menu

My family’s weekly budget at the grocery store is $100 a week. Over the past few years, that figure has shot up quite a bit. Before we had kids, we got by on just $50 every seven days to feed me and my husband. Even after our daughter was born, we hesitated to raise our… Continue Reading

Spring Expenses: Are You Ready?

We just got our first – and most like, our only – snow of the winter season where I live; so, naturally, what better time to start thinking about spring expenses? I’m one of those people who absolutely adores the season of spring. From the warm spring breezes to the fresh smell to the feeling… Continue Reading

Save Money On Children’s Clothing

My daughter is four years old. Knowing that, you’d think her closet would be full of size 4 clothing (that is, if you know anything about children’s clothing sizes, which – for the first few years at least – tend to correspond directly with a child’s age). But, in fact, it’s quite the opposite; you… Continue Reading

It Pays To Say Yes

So often, we find ourselves saying no in order to manage our monthly budget. I know I’m horribly guilty of this. Maybe it’s a friend who invites you to a dinner out at a fancy restaurant, only to hear you decline because you don’t want to bust your bottom line. Or maybe it’s skipping a… Continue Reading