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My 2012 Income: Yeah, I’m Giving Details

As a freelancer, my earnings are far from predictable. 2012 marked my second full year doing freelance work (I also earned money through freelancing for a few months in 2010). I entered the year with some lofty goals. But did I see them through? My Monthly Goals When 2012 began, I set a goal for… Continue Reading

4 Rules You Must Follow If You Work From Home

When I first left my full-time job to become a work at home mom, I thought I’d have it made. I envisioned myself rolling out of bed at nine o’clock every morning, shuffling the few steps from my bed to my home office, and spending several hours a day completing my freelance work. Instead, I… Continue Reading

Keeping Up With My Classmates

I grew up in a pretty affluent suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. It was a town where kids woke up to find a new – or at least used – BMW in the driveway on their 16th birthday. It was a town where you really were judged by the brand of clothes you wore; it wasn’t… Continue Reading

Beware of Your Conduct at Office Parties

My current workplace does not have holiday parties outside of the office. We mainly stick to pot-luck lunches or small, dessert based parties. This is fine with me as I’m not the type to socialize on that level with my co-workers (I’m not really sure what that says about me but ) and I like… Continue Reading