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Frugal Ways to Spice Up a Room

Once you’ve been living in the same home for a number of years you can start to get bored.  Looking at the same furniture and décor year after year will have you yearning to switch things up. Unfortunately, any kind of remodeling or redecorating job will quickly get expensive and you certainly don’t want to… Continue Reading

Comparing Credit Card Offers

Not a day goes by where I don’t receive at least one solicitation for a new credit card.  If your mailbox is as full of these credit card offers as mine, you’ll want to know how to compare the various offers to determine which offers you the best deal. No two credit card offers are… Continue Reading

DIY Projects for 2014

When you own a home you need to be prepared to tackle some home improvement jobs yourself.  If you’re going to call in a professional every time you need a drain snaked or a light switch replaced then you’re going to be spending a fortune on home repairs.  Wouldn’t you rather be investing that money… Continue Reading

Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Gifts

Remember when Valentine’s Day was all about passing around Hello Kitty or Transformers cards to your classmates?  Those innocent days were a long time ago.  In today’s world, Valentine’s Day has grown into a huge holiday that involves a ton of spending to prove how much you love your significant other. But you don’t have… Continue Reading

The Deal That Wasn’t

Having to “dress for success” has never been an issue for my husband. He’s a sheriff’s deputy, and has worn a standard law enforcement uniform for his entire career. So when it became perfectly clear that a sport coat and slacks weren’t going to cut it for a friend’s very formal wedding, we decided it… Continue Reading

A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned

How many times have you seen a penny on the ground and walked past it without so much as pausing to consider the value of the loose change? Well, after today, you’ll pay closer to attention to the value of a penny. A Massachusetts man named Thomas Daigle recently paid off his outstanding mortgage balance… Continue Reading

Ideas for an inexpensive New Year’s

As 2012 rapidly approaches, many of us turn our sights from the holidays to our New Year’s Eve plans. I, for one, do not go out on New Year’s Eve. I find it too expensive, too crowded, and I am terrified of drunk drivers. So I choose to stay home. I didn’t always feel this… Continue Reading

A Million Bucks by 30: A Review

Leave a Comment I have to admit, sometimes I feel slightly out of my league. I know how to make a budget, I know how to live below my means and rein in my urges to blow a month’s worth of pay in one afternoon at my local Best Buy (and trust me, that urge… Continue Reading

Laptop Roulette

Leave a Comment So today I took a little trip to my local Best Buy to purchase a laptop. The ironic thing about this is that I owned a laptop no less than 2 weeks ago. No, it didn’t break or need replacing, I just realized that it had set in the same exact place… Continue Reading

Reducing Your Food Bill

Leave a Comment It seems people in America like to eat. They like to eat a lot. I like to eat a lot. Thus, they (and I, unfortunately), spend a lot of money on food. However, it is possible to eat lots of good food and not break the bank. Here are some ways I’ve… Continue Reading