Planning Our Next Summer Vacation

Mr. BFS and I usually take about a week off in the summer to travel.  Usually, it’s either to take a cruise or to fly to Las Vegas.  This summer, we may have to get creative since I am spending $1500 to go to London to visit my uncle in mid-summer too. Vacation Options 5… Continue Reading

How Bloggers Make Money

If you’re looking for a reliable side gig to help supplement your income and have a while to build something up, blogging may be just the thing you’re looking for.  Blogging is a business opportunity that comes with extremely low startup costs, a flexible schedule, and the chance to earn a living while sitting at… Continue Reading

Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Gifts

Remember when Valentine’s Day was all about passing around Hello Kitty or Transformers cards to your classmates?  Those innocent days were a long time ago.  In today’s world, Valentine’s Day has grown into a huge holiday that involves a ton of spending to prove how much you love your significant other. But you don’t have… Continue Reading

3 Simple Financial Concepts People Just Don’t Get

Personal finance isn’t really all that complicated.  If you want to stay in control of your finances and not let your money get the better of you, there are only a few basic concepts that you need to understand. Unfortunately many of these lessons are never taught in school so some people just never have… Continue Reading

Tips for Paying Off Your Mortgage Early

We just bought our house a little over a year ago and since we took out a thirty year mortgage to pay for it I still have about 29 years of payments remaining.  I’ll be 65 then and I’d rather not have to worry about making a monthly mortgage payment when we’re in our sixties.… Continue Reading

5 Ways to Save Money on Baby Stuff

Welcoming a new baby into your family is one of the most joyous and exciting experiences you can imagine.  It’s also one of the most expensive. Cribs, car seats, high chairs, swings, strollers…there’s so many decisions to make and it all costs so much money. As a father of three I’ve been through it all… Continue Reading

Common Reasons People Give for Not Investing

Most people know that if they want to have enough money to support themselves in retirement they need to start saving and investing early.  Earlier is better as the magic of compound interest can help turn even small sums into a sizable fortune. Yet many people still aren’t putting away anywhere near enough to reach… Continue Reading

Safe property investing in the UK

In the past property investment in the UK has been turbulent, with many investors falling for ‘deals’ that involved off plan or new build properties that really did seem too good to be true. The fact is, most of these ‘deals’ were exactly that, leaving investors severely out of pocket, and afraid to invest in UK property… Continue Reading